I produce it, suffer it, I am dust, and in dust I become.

I cannot escape the dust created and it chases me wherever I take myself. As the machine that roars and spits black powder or the mind sitting to await the passing of time. And both full of dust, harmful and blind . And the faces, the seas, the souls, all black, are filled with dust and poison . Prach, prach, prach, the machine sounds, prach prach prach sounds everywhere.

The word “Prach” can be loosely translated as “dust”. This performance has been created to reflect today’s world and to explain that no matter where you go you are essentially covered in a layer of dust. This could be interpreted in the literal sense of pollution, chemicals or dirt. Another perception would represent the emotional depiction portraying apathy and lack of action with dust being collected over time on an object without movement.

This piece is for any venues and is our post-apocalyptic approach to the subject of ecology and conservation which concerns us greatly.


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