Lívia Balážová and Zebastián Méndez Marín

This research is a combination of our particular practices –MINDCROSS and the Intuitive
body -and our search for movement possibilities in situations of body interaction.
In the workshop we explore partnering elements, and we bring the same to be applied in
trios, quartets, quintets, groups and masses.
We work under the premise of empathy as a communication tool, term that should not
be confused with condescension or indifference.
Through the game of empathy we come to the study of three basic actions to the work of
body interaction: to follow, to resist, to transform.
These three ways of reacting to stimuli allow us to relate freely, and come upon
possibilities for language and risk growth, and opens the path to study another element
that is fundamental in this type of work, which is the understanding of roles.
Roles are not determined, but constantly change during the interaction.
Understanding what role you are playing is critical to empowering action.
In this way, we play to break the pyramidal idea of the hierarchies in the work of
partnering to stimulate the creation of new material that contains multiple dynamics and
leads the participant to experiment with more risk at the same time as he/she develops in
parallel safety and resolution of difficulties, so important in the prevention of injuries,
common in this type of work.
All the above concepts are conjugated in a core idea of the exploration that we call the
collective plie.
That can be described as a group body state in which the core of all the actors are
interconnected through the relationship with feet, soil, and body weight always in control.
Other important concepts of the practice:
The Axes
Each role handles different forces and inertia and concentrates energy at specific points
depending on the dynamics, we will see that there is the individual axis, the common axis
and the referential axis and we will study the specific needs of each one and how to better
profit of the forces that are contained in them.

The exoskeleton or the collective organism
Imagine being able to jump twice your height and land without getting hurt, or moving
through the space without ever touching the ground, perhaps reaching something that is
far away without moving from your place.
This is possible when the collective organism is reached, or the exoskeleton is used.
This is an advanced stage of the workshop, where we test the concepts learned, in
complex communication scenarios in interactions of three to more bodies.
MULTIPARTNERING / Infinite synapses is a commitment with a deeper
comunication, and the art of negotiating and reaching agreements, to bring us further
together, and together, further.