Lívia Balážová Méndez Marín


Mindcross is a practice that circles around three main goals:


To achieve a playful mind and colorful imagination through the discovery of your inner creature.


The playful mind is always in a creative state.

I find big inspiration for movement in children games since my early age and i believe that games have the magic of opening new channels for learning. Games also help develop social skills through interaction, negotiation and resolution.


The colorful imagination is deeply related with the playful mind. They feed from each other. The more you play the more creative you get, and when you are creative you come to think of more ways to play. So it is like adding colors to your imagination palette.

Colorful imagination is the guide for authentic movement, in which we are constantly exploring the depth of the sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste of the surrounding world and the world of fantasy.


The inner creature is born in an environment without judgments, that allows the instinct to take over stereotyped thoughts and movements.

Imagine to shuffle your senses to go for a journey of unpredicted movements.

Imagine you could:


see with your knees

taste with your palms

smell with your toes

hear with your back

touch with your eyes


This would guide your body through new movement patterns, thus, giving way to a new creature within you, and by bringing this being to limited spaces, situations or meetings with others, we are bringing even more colors to our imagination.

With everyday practice the behaviors of our creature will become more and more natural to us.


Other important concepts of the practice:


The Second brain

A system that is resting within our bellies. It’s a sponge that digest all the information we experience. The second brain has receptors that monitors the butterflies of stress, fears, excitement or love, shaked by our reality.

This is the place, the spring where the movement is born.


The Breathing Organism

Other very important aspect that helps to the movement grow and develop is breathing. Different dynamics and rhythm of the breathing will show you a new spectrum of possibilities to feed your creature’s existence.



The point of the games is to wake up our visual senses.

In these games are set up rules, which according to them we are changing the directions, speed, shapes, rhythm and dynamic of the body which is also connected to constant thinking and reading from the partner´s body.


The goal of mindcross practice is to make your movement vocabulary more rich through tickling your imagination, embracing the power of the group, and opening all the senses.