Colectivo Priekopník Veverička

Creators Lívia Balážová Mèndez Marín & Zebastián Mèndez Marín

We celebrated the establishment of Colectivo Priekopník Veverička with the premier of our first performance El Gato de Schrödinger at Gráfica Génesis, San José Costa Rica in November of 2015.

In March 2016 we premiered the performance #whateveristrendingnow and played also in Costa Rica on the festivals Sólodos EnDanza 2016 in Barva, Heredia and La Machine festival de Calle 2016, San José.

Given that the intention of our work is to merge with the context and break the stereotypical role of the viewer on the performances (public-stage/obzerver-aquarium) specially with this particular piece we have brought three completely different contents and dramaturgic approaches each time it was played, based on the particular spacial or social context of the space and day it was performed.

This creative process thrilled us so much that we decided to dig deeper on it and thanks to the invitation from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica to play in the program “Teatro en el campus” we had the chance to present in April 2016 our new post-apocalyptic performance: Prach/Polvo at Atahualpa del Cioppo theater in Heredia.

We met each other in Europe, working for the Belgian company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus touring the revival of the legendary first work of Wim from the year 1987 “What the body does not remember” for almost three years.

Our energies and creative worlds matched so well that we decided to create our own work and share it with the world.